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Can my son/daughter play with another team? 

Playing with Five Star is a commitment for the fall or summer. If your son or daughter signs up to play with Five Star, they are committing to the entire Fall or Spring.

Who do I contact with questions? 

There are two answers to this. If your son or daughter is old enough to have a phone, they should contact their coach directly. We are here to raise them as young adults. If they are younger, email Shannon at

How do I set up lessons? 

If there is a specific instructor you are wanting to work with, ask for their contact information. After this, contact that instructor to set up a time and date to do the lessons. The details will be discussed with the specific instructor.

When should I show up to games/practices? 

We believe in being on time for everything. If you show up on time, you are late. A player should show up at least an hour before games or at the designated time given by a coach. A player should show up 15-20 minutes before practice to cleat up and get ready for a team stretch routine.

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